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CM Law is a progressive specialist law firm which prides itself on the promise to deliver first class personal service which clients can trust to manage cases effectively and efficiently. They aim to ensure that cases are handled by the same qualified solicitor throughout, providing unrivalled continuity in case management coupled with unbeatable value.

  • Fixed Price Service Across Multiple Sites
  • On-site Server and Infrastructure
  • Thin Client Strategy
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Helpdesk
  • FTTC broadband
  • IRIS Law & Office365
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Probado was approached since the practice was expanding into new bespoke offices in West Yorkshire by Lisa Conway, Solicitor, their aim, have the law firm’s three offices share a centralised practice management suite.

    Within their new purpose built office, Lisa and the team decided to have an onsite server room which would house their servers and communications equipment which would provide connectivity to their Leeds and St Albans offices.

    Lisa commented ‘Whilst we understood the potential benefits of datacentres, we were happy to utilise our existing servers which Probado configured to maximise their availability in a failover scenario along with power and network resilience’. ‘Throughout our discussions Probado advised on options but where never prescriptive or patronising with jargon’.

    Probado installed the servers and communications equipment, selecting Microsoft Office365 for calendar and emails, whilst the practice chose the IRIS Law practice management suite to ensure workflow and efficiencies across the organisation.

    Connectivity across the organisation was established using FTTC and ADSL2+ backup circuits to keep costs sensible.

    “Probado took time to understand our aims, timescales and importantly budgets, to implement a system that meets the practices needs.”


    Probado also installed its hosted telephony solution across the business to reduce call costs and introduce free of charge inter-office calls and call conferencing facilities.

    When asked to summarise working with Probado, Lisa commented, ‘Probado took time to understand our aims, timescales and importantly budgets, to implement a system that meets the practices needs. We have confidence that the system will scale as we expand and the systems access from anywhere capability, has taken pressure of the team’.

    Probado’s fixed price service model really works for our distributed business, I don’t see any surprises and I don’t have to think about staff calling the Probado Helpdesk and if I need on-site help it’s on hand and included.

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