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Linda Heald & Co Property Lawyers

Linda Heald & Co Property Lawyers are based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. Much of the professional service they provide relates to the sale, purchase, re-mortgage of domestic and commercial property.

  • Datacentre Hosted
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Thin Client Strategy
  • Helpdesk
  • Conveyancing Solicitor Linda Heald, acknowledges that their previous IT system wasn’t fit for purpose for a forward thinking practice which stored all records electronically. Linda commented that it was key that their existing local network and back-up storage facility was improved upon for both efficiency and security.

    Through recommendation, Probado were approached to review the infrastructure of the current system and were invited to an initial meeting. Linda commented ‘Both directors Gordon and Martin came to visit the practice and spent time to get to know our IT system and the people in the business.’ As a follow-up Linda also came to meet Probado’s staff and see their offices, this meeting formed the basis to review proposals and see live demonstrations also.

    “The thing I liked most was that you could to talk to Probado and you weren’t given technical jargon – they treated you personally and were very approachable”



    Any change to an existing IT system can be stressful to the day-to-day flow of an office, but Linda commented ‘When it came to installation, Probado were both patient and easy to get on with, causing the minimum of disruption.’

    As well as a hosted cloud based server solution for applications which included Redbrick, Microsoft Office365 was delivered to provide the latest Microsoft Office applications and Email services under a monthly subscription arrangement. This provided a standard document and working environment across the practice. At the suggestion of Probado, Thin Clients were installed replacing most desktop PCs to reduce costs and further secure systems. In addition, PDFs play an important role in the practice’s documentation system and so Probado were tasked with finding a flexible PDF editor.

    Finding Solutions

    ‘99% of the time, we use Redbrick of Case Management Software with all our cases’ comments Linda. The implication of the software was vital to the running of the practice, so Probado took the time to research and understand the software to insure a seamless delivery with the new system. Liaising with the software suppliers Redbrick Solutions, Probado were highly praised in their application to the implementation, with Redbrick describing Probado as ‘refreshingly pleasant’ in their approach.


    Following installation of the new system, the practice retains an ongoing support with Probado though the Helpdesk defusing any issues that arise, Linda concludes ‘that all the Probado support team are very friendly and they know who our staff are by name.’

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