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The best out of offices for this summer

Whether you are jetting off somewhere remote (restrictions allowing), or just hiding out at home for week, make sure you remember to set you’re out of office message before you sign off from work.

As millions of Brits optimistically plan their getaways, we have rounded up some of the best out of office messages that you need to try this summer.
Check them out below.

1. The Workaholic

We all have that one colleague who really struggles to switch off. Whether never taking a proper lunch break, or logging on at the weekend, it can be difficult for some people to truly take a much-needed break.

That is the case for venture capitalist, Josh Kopelman, who used this all too true OOO when he took a break:

“I am currently out of the office on vacation.

I know I’m supposed to say that I’ll have limited access to email and won’t be able to respond until I return, but that’s not true. My iPhone will be with me and I can respond if I need to. And I recognise that I’ll probably need to interrupt my vacation from time to time to deal with something urgent.

That said, I promised my wife that I am going to try to disconnect, get away and enjoy our vacation as much as possible. So, I’m going to experiment with something new. I’m going to leave the decision in your hands:

• If your email truly is urgent and you need a response while I’m on vacation, please resend it to interruptyourvacation@firstround.com and I’ll try to respond to it promptly.

• If you think someone else at First Round Capital might be able to help you, feel free to email my assistant, Fiona, and she’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Otherwise, I’ll respond when I return…

Warm regards,


This comical out of office message leaves the decision in the emailer’s hands – is it really something that you should be disrupting someone’s holiday for?

Remember, everyone needs a break at some point, so, if you are on holiday, try to really switch off and allow yourself time to recharge.

2. The Snack Fiend

When taking a break from work, it is important to keep yourself well nourished and healthy. And while a tropical beach might be the perfect escape for some, a trip to the fridge is just as rewarding for others.

HubSpot shared this funny out of office message that you need to try:

“I’ll get back to you once I’m back from my long-awaited trip to the fridge.”

3. The Gambler

Everyone loves a good game from time to time and this trickster created a fun game of email roulette to deter repeat senders:

“I am on vacation from [MM/DD/YYYY] to [MM/DD/YYYY]. I will allow each sender one email. If you send me multiple emails, I will randomly delete your emails until it is pared down to one. Choose wisely. Please note that you already sent me one email.”

Make sure you choose wisely when emailing this individual!

4. The Brave One

Users of this out of office are either really brave, or they truly have lost interest for their role:

“I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position.”

While we would not necessarily recommend this out of office, it is an amusing take and would certainly make us smile if it landed in our inbox! Maybe untick the ‘internal’ option when using this OOO…

5. The Truth Teller

It is a well-known fact that some people will just delete your email. Whether they get too many messages in general or frankly just don’t want to hear what you have to say, the world is rife with serial deleters. In this case, we believe that honesty is the best policy, and we commend the individual who used this OOO message:

“I am out of the lab on extended leave until September 4th 2018 and uncontactable. Sadly, your email will not be read and will be deleted.”

If you are struggling to find the best out of office message for your break, check out HubSpot’s OOO Generator. It is a great tool for finding a unique – or humorous – out of office message.

The best out of offices are often informative, with a light-hearted touch. Make sure you include when you will be back and who to contact in your absence.

Once you return to the office, if you need any support with your emails, our team are on hand to help. Get in touch here.

Until then, we are out of the office until further notice…

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