Probado has been offering hosted services for over six years now and supports over 750 users on its infrastructure.

Why go hosted?

Purpose built datacentres and high speed internet connections were once only available to large corporations with the deep pockets to build and maintain their own. Now managed datacentres coupled with today’s increasingly reliable broadband make high specification solutions available to a much wider audience at ever more affordable prices.

We have carefully chosen our providers, use our own rack space and our own equipment to host servers and telephony equipment that allows us to deliver uncompromising service and outstanding value.

Whilst our hosting service is available as a stand-alone service, typically our clients use it as the foundation of the one-stop IT support package that we provide.

What we offer:

• Each server is fully resilient as standard, no single point of failure. These servers are then clustered to form a pool with a spare in each pool. Virtual machines then run on this pool. In the unlikely event of any of the servers failing, the virtual machines running on it are migrated to the spare in the pool. Down time is measured in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

• Your storage is separated from the server and stored on our high performance storage array network (SAN) which is – yes you guessed it- resilient.

• As if that were not enough your sensitive data is backed up off site to another independent UK datacentre using a backup solution used by small, medium and listed enterprises around the world.

• As a service provider we are happy to discuss Software as a Service (SaaS). What does that mean to you? You only pay for the software you use, on a monthly basis. Licenses can be increased or decreased based on demand, without penalty.

• We also provide a growing number of clients with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offering the flexibility and performance of a desktop PC with the security and resilience of a server. We can supply end to end VDI including the desktop device.

Could hosting, Thin Client or VDI be right for you? Contact Gordon Maclean or get in touch via our contact page.

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