Do you know how much your organisation is spending on printing costs each year? For most businesses it makes up between one and three percent of their annual revenue.

If you are, like many organisations, not able to keep track of what you have spent in the last 12 months we can help. Probado will produce for you a report, free of charge, which details your current print usage, which we combine with your print consumable costs to highlight potential saving. We combine this with your print consumable costs to identify potential savings.

We can then offer you a managed print service:

• No minimum volume contract
• Manage print consumables centrally, and pay only for what you use
• Consolidate devices, space, and power savings
• See the printer usage across the organisation, in real time
• Quarterly hardware lease
• Consumables invoices every 6 months
• Full service offering with all parts and labour
• Boost your environmental credentials by printing less

What’s included:

• Ink
• Replacement belts
• Replacement fusers
• Replacement laser units



Managed PrintPLUS Services

Do you want to allocate print costs to a specific budget or client? Do you need to protect sensitive printouts from falling into the wrong hands? Probado’s Managed PrintPLUS software will be invaluable to you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Each print job is allocated a billing code
2. The billing code can be linked to a specific client or department

This gives you total control of print expense:

• Specify who can print to each printer and whether they can print in colour or black and white

• Set personal or departmental print budgets

• Pull Printing for increased security – the user signs in to the printer after printing to ensure they are standing at the printer when it prints

We offer printing solutions for many different organisations and business types, contact Gordon Maclean or visit our contact page to find out more.

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