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Five remote working tips for your IT

Working from home has been a huge adjustment for businesses across the globe, but it needn’t be a burden on your IT. Here are our top five remote working tips to keep your tech performing smoothly.

1. Improve Your Connection

Connectivity is vital for remote working, but we have seen some issues arise from the sheer volume of users now connecting remotely. However, there are some quick fixes that can help you maximise your home WiFi. Simply being closer to the router can provide a better connection. Set your WiFi router up as close to your workspace as you can. If that doesn’t work, we recommend you source a Wi-Fi range extender, these can be found online. Alternatively, talk to your providers to see if you can increase your package.

2. Stay Secure

With more and more employees accessing documents, systems and other files and applications outside the safety of the office, security is paramount. Cloud solutions are the perfect option as they can be accessed remotely, provided you have the correct login credentials. A way to secure this further would be to adopt MFA (multi-factor authentication), including features such as additional security questions, pin numbers or even biometrics. We also highly recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your connection and protect network traffic.

3. Adopt New Tools

When it comes to our top remote working tips, it must include ways on staying connected with other people in your team as well as your customers. Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or good-old Skype, there are so many different videoconferencing and video-calling options to help you connect with your team. Try them out and see which works best for you. Many of these platforms have additional features to help support remote working, such as collaboration tools and the ability to integrate with other systems, so get exploring!

4. Stay Up to Date

While this is a rule that should be followed in the office as well, it can be extremely important for remote working. In the office, application and software updates may be automated or the IT department may usually sort out these things for you. Be aware that this is something you will need to keep on top of on your at-home devices. Ensuring that all updates are done as soon as possible means that your device will stay protected against hackers and cybercriminals who are looking for weak spots to take advantage of.

5. Train, Train, Train

Something people may not expect for remote working tips, but as with anything, training is key to success. Make sure your team is getting access to up to date training including working from home best practices as well as your company’s security protocols. While many people will be up to date with in-office procedures, working from home comes with a whole new set of rules. A larger portion of employees will not have worked from home before or had to access systems remotely. Things that seem common sense to the more seasoned remote workers may not be as obvious to those who are new to these working arrangements.

For many people, working from home has become the new normal, with the pandemic creating a new remote form of working that many businesses were apprehensive about trying or even adamant that they could not implement effectively. Businesses have had to adapt and have proved that they can do so with great success. Now that these new ways of remote working have been proven to work, it may change the future of working forever. It could lead to a more acceptable, flexible way of working in the future, which is why it is vital to ensure the longevity and security of remote systems for the long term not just until this crisis is over.

These are unprecedented times for everyone, but there is no reason your IT can’t step up to the challenge! If you’re in need of a helping hand or some advice to help maximise your home office, get in touch with a member of our team.

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