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Top five cyber security tips for manufacturers

The manufacturing industry has seen a myriad of exciting tech developments in the last few years, helping to aid productivity, efficiency, and the overall capabilities of a business. But all this new tech can cause cyber security concerns to arise.

Manufacturing continues to be a target for cyber-attackers, and with 45% of manufacturers feeling like they don’t have access to the right tools to protect themselves from a cyber-attack, it is now more important than ever that manufacturers put procedures in place. We’ve rounded up our top five manufacturing cyber tips to help keep your business as cyber safe as possible.

Source: Cerasis

1. Ensure All Employees Have Cyber Security Training

It is vital that all members within your team receive regular cyber security training. When dealing with high tech equipment on a daily basis, it is crucial that employees are comfortable using certain tech and can identify and report any cyber security concerns quickly and efficiently. Being familiar with the technology and operating systems that are being used will ensure anything out of the ordinary can be flagged and dealt with in the correct way.

2. Update Your Protection Software

While it may seem obvious to install antivirus programmes, it is vital that all internet connected devices within a network are protected. Make sure antivirus software and intrusion detection software are regularly updated and deployed across your network. Automate this process where possible to make sure updates are done as soon as possible. It is important that any updates are done quickly as these will plug any holes or fix any errors that have been found.

3. Don’t Forget Your IIOT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technologies are becoming commonplace in most UK manufacturing businesses. Whether you’ve got large pieces of machinery, connected sensors, or personal protection wearable devices, they all must be protected. These devices can often be forgotten when considering cyber security. We suggest adopting the mindset of if it’s got an internet connection, it can be hacked and therefore needs protecting!

4. Back Up Key Data and Programmes

In the event that a breach or error should occur, it is important that all files, data, and operating programmes are backed up and able to be recovered. In the manufacturing industry, data loss can bring your business to a halt, causing expensive downtime. Making sure everything is backed up and accessible should the worst happen could save a lot of time and money. We suggest you consider opting for an external data centre, these can be managed by an expert company and can keep your data safe should your network be accessed.

5. Think Like a Hackers

When it comes to manufacturing cyber tips, we recommend putting yourself in the shoes of a hacker. This may sound strange, but the best way to protect yourself from a hacker is to understand their motivations. Look at your business and identify any key areas, devices, or assets that would be of interest to a hacker. Cybercriminals are generally inspired by financial gains, so any data containing personal information, customer records, or actual cash is what they’ll be after. We recommend setting up multi-factor authentication as well as restricting access to just those employees who require it. These actions will help limit the opportunities for accessing valuable data and add an extra layer of protection.

Here at Probado, we regularly work with manufacturers to ensure their systems are safe and can operate at the highest level across all sites. For more manufacturing cyber tips, check out our blog on how to avoid manufacturing security risks.

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