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Top five ways to protect IT systems while you are away

An increasing number of people are now working out of the office. Whether that means working from home, going on a business trip or even checking emails while you take a well-earned break. Wherever you are it’s important to protect IT systems and prevent data breaches. Here are our top five tips on how to make sure your data stays safe while you’re out of the office.

Safe Connections

Logging on to Wi-Fi when you’re out and about is sometimes necessary, but always look for a secure connection. That means Wi-Fi with a password. While lots of places have password protected Wi-Fi, be wary of the ones who publicly advertise the passwords, for example on the wall of a café, as these can be just as unsafe as those with no password at all.

Make sure you turn off the auto-connect for Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi, especially when travelling. Open networks provide hackers with an open door into your devices and all the data stored on them.

Consider using a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs are a great way to protect your data before you even start surfing as they create an encrypted tunnel for you to access the internet.

Keep On Top of Updates

A simple way to keep your IT systems and devices safe is to ensure all software and security updates are done before you leave the safety of your office. This way your devices will be protected for your trip, as well as any devices you are leaving behind. Run an anti-virus scan to make sure there’s nothing already lurking behind the screen.

Ensuring your passwords are updated before you leave is a good idea too. Make sure they are safe and strong. Look into Multi-Factor Authentication as it will add an extra layer of protection and can act as a deterrent to possible hackers.

Social Butterfly

While it can seem like everything is being put on social media these days, we recommend you wait until you get home to share any travel snaps or stories. Letting people know your house or office is empty leaves it vulnerable. Think of all the personal data that is sitting there! Tagging locations also makes it easy for hackers to determine your routine and latch on to any weak spots during your day-to-day life.

Be On the Ball

Keep an eye on your most important accounts when jet setting. It is much easier to spot any fraudulent activity if you’re on top of things. Any issues that arise are much easier to deal with the sooner they get noticed. The longer a hacker is able to control your device without detection the more harmful it can be.

Bare Essentials

Minimise the risk of theft by only travelling with the essentials. Keep the devices you’re taking to a minimum. Many hotels provide a safe for their clientele. Take full advantage of this and store any devices, documents or sensitive information in here when you’re out and about.

This may seem like a lot to consider when you’re preparing to leave the office but if you get into the habit of checking and updating things regularly it will soon become part of your routine.

Bon Voyage!

For more information on how to protect IT systems while you’re out of the office, contact us today on info@probado.co.uk

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