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Remote working email signs offs you need to try during quarantine

With a large portion of businesses now operating with remote working models, we’ve seen a rise in new ways of working. The last few weeks have also witnessed the rise of remote working email sign offs. Where once ’yours sincerely’ and ‘kind regards’ were the most common ends to emails, we now have a wave of new comical and ironic email sign offs reflecting the current situation with Covid-19.

Here are our top ten remote working sign offs you need to try:

1. Quarantined regards

For a time when even your regards are required to stay indoors.

2. Yours from afar

We praise this email sign off for keeping its Government approved distance, reflect your compliance in your email.

3. Cautious cheers

A ‘wary thanks’ or a ‘careful wishes’ would also do the trick!

4. Best (but could be better)

Many can most likely relate to this email sign off in the current situation. Look on the bright side, there’s no commute (or at least a quieter one) and more time can be spent with our pets.

5. Socially Distant

Social distancing takes on the digital world with this reminder that we should all be doing our bit to stay away from others to protect the NHS.

6. Until three weeks

This hopeful sign off can be tweaked depending on the length of lockdown. The current restrictions are set to be reviewed after three weeks so can be updated if necessary. Add a countdown if you’re feeling fancy!

7. Sent from my living room

Or dining room or kitchen table. Wherever your new ‘office’ is let people know.

8. Yours from captivity

While some are enjoying isolation, others are feelings trapped and confined, opt for this comical email sign off if you feel the same.

9. Remote regards

While this sign off may conjure up images of someone huddled shivering over a laptop in the most remote corners of the world, it’s not necessarily that dramatic!

10. See you on the other side

While it may not seem like it right now, we will be able to get back to normal and see our colleagues, friends and family again. This is one for the optimists.

We hope you’ve been inspired by these quarantine-themed email sign offs perfect for remote working. If you’ve come across a sign off that is too good to keep to yourself, let us know over on Twitter.

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