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The first port of call – why you need to upgrade your phone system

Is your phone system flagging? Common issues like connectivity, sound quality and general unreliability are all signs that your system is ready for an upgrade. It can seem like a daunting process, especially across an entire business, but there are compelling reasons to take the plunge and upgrade to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, not least because traditional ISDN systems are likely to be obsolete by 2025.


With more and more businesses incorporating flexible working patterns, being able to work from home and on the move is essential. A VoIP phone system can help those who wish to work remotely, as additional call capacity can be added in minutes rather than the traditional week-long wait. VoIP systems will unify both field and office operations to ensure your business can operate as a whole.


As they use an internet connection, VoIP systems are cheaper than traditional telephone lines so are an affordable option for businesses, even when calling overseas. As there is no need to purchase equipment and hardware installation from the start, VoIP significantly cuts the costs.

Another benefit of the reduced amount of hardware is the servicing and maintenance cost. Businesses won’t require as much support on the ground as most issues can be dealt with remotely.


Due to the ease of flexibility with a VoIP system, an expansion in office space or total relocation would not be the chore it once was when it comes to transferring your phone lines. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP systems do not require extensive set-up, they just need to be plugged in and connected to the internet.

This means that VoIP systems can be easily transferred to a new location, allowing for growth and expansion of your business.


As VoIP systems are powered by an internet connection it eliminates any previous issues that extreme weather and power cuts once caused. A large concern for most businesses when considering switching to VoIP is the connection. What would happen if the internet connection was disrupted for a long period of time? In instances such as these, calls can be forwarded to other devices, allowing operations to continue smoothly until a connection is restored.

VoIP systems really are the future of our phone systems. As more and more businesses are introducing flexible working and moving away from traditional office set-ups, it is vital that our technology is adaptable and flexible in the same way to allow for these progressions. And, with VoIP being much more efficient and cost effective than traditional phone systems, making the switch should be a no-brainer.

At Probado we provide a free initial site visit to ensure your internet connection can support a VoIP line. Our completely tailored service incorporates purchase (or rent) of handsets, call handling, recording capabilities and maintenance.

To find out more about how VoIP can work for your business, get in touch today.

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